» Annual Financial Statement (Budget)
» Consolidated Fund of the State
» Contingency Fund of the State - Sanction of advances
» Fiscal Analysis Cell
» Financial Rules
» Economy in Expenditure
» Fundamental Rules (including revised leave rules).Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts Service (including Treasuries, Local Fund Audit and State Life Insurance Fund)
» Loans and Advances Policies of Insurance, Transfer of shares, debentures, proxies and receipts
» Public Debt of the State (including borrowings from the Government of India)
» Public Services - Statutory rules of the Services with which the department is concerned. Revision of and amendments to those rules
» Public Services - Statutory rules to regulate pay (including revised scales of pay and allowances) - Amendments to the pay schedule in the appendix to the Andhra Services Manual
» Disbursement of Loans and Advances other than the loans and advances to State Government Employees and State Guarantees
» Accounts State (including classification and prescription of Units)
» Advance grants - Votes of credits and exceptional grants
» Administration of Pay and Accounts Office, Hyderabad. Administration of Divisional Accounts Officers
» Institutional Finance
» Public Debt and Currency
» Re-appropriations
» State Balances
» State Bank and matters relating to Banking and Stock Exchanges
» State pensions, i.e. pensions payable by the State or out of the Consolidated Fund of the State other than old age pensions and statutory rules governing such pensions and provident fund (excluding Indian Civil Service Annuities, I.C.S. Provident Funds and Indian Civil Service Family Pension Fund)
» Supplementary, additional or excess grants and statements of expenditure
» Surplus Staff
» Taxation and allied measures - Initiation of
» Travelling Allowances Rules
» Treasury Rules
» Union taxes and duties in which the States are interested such as Income-tax, Union etc
» Ways and Means